"Legal Stuff Explained" is a series of workshops, taught by local lawyers to the entrepreneurial community of New York.
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Startup Equity 201: Stock Options

The Docracy Blog: Guest post: Should you incorporate as a Benefit Corporation?


A Benefit Corporation is a new type of corporate entity available to businesses choosing to incorporate in California. Inder Comar, a Docracy contributor who represents small businesses and startups there, recently published his sample Articles of Incorporation and the following useful…

Developer Contracts in the Real World


A handy list of popular contracts for developers, as featured on SitePoint

The Docracy Blog: How to Register a Trademark


First thing, you have to figure out if it makes sense for you to register a trademark, and what is trademarkable.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademarks (USPTO), a trademark is “a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes…

The Docracy Blog: A legal primer on trademarks: interviewing Jacob Tingen


This week we’re diving into the world of trademarks thanks to one of our latest lawyer contributors: Jacob Tingen.

Jacob is a solo practitioner from Virginia with a very innovative approach to lawyering: his practice is entirely online-based, he self-publishes useful ebooks, and has the

Docracy’s Term Sheet Guide


We published a really special topic page today: the Term Sheet Guide.

We have many publicly available term sheets on Docracy, including forms from Series Seed, Techstars and Foundry Group. The thing is, a term sheet is a fairly complicated legal affair, and we felt like there was a need for some comprehensive, entrepreneur-friendly explanation. Therefore, we put together this rich, clear and detailed guide to term sheets and venture capital funding, from the point of view of the entrepreneur.

It features an in-depth look at the main provisions, with sample language and links to the best blog posts on the topic. It includes useful definitions of technical terms, and a “checklist” to go through to make sure your term sheet is a fair deal. It’s a pretty long document, so you might want to download it in PDF form and study it via your device of choice, for free.

We believe this is a great, highly-needed resource for the startup community. We promise to keep it updated, with your help as well: share comments and suggestion in the comments!

The Docracy Blog: Dear App Developers, Time to Get a Privacy Policy


Big news for privacy last week: the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) fined Path $800,000 for privacy violations (Path settled the fine after a long FTC investigation started from a post on Hacker News). At the same time they issued a long set of guidelines for pretty much everybody in the…

The Docracy Blog: What's a Model Release?


Do you take photos? Do you want to sell, publish, and/or use photos? Model releases are useful little documents that allow photographers, publishers and photo users to have more freedom in using or publishing photos. Essentially, if there is a recognizable person in the image, a model…